Meet Disney Gal Judy

Hi, I am Judy and I live in Chicago (yes really in Chicago) with my husband Paul and our two rescue dogs Caleb, who kind of reminds us of Pluto (he is a bloodhound) and Claudine who is a Bluetick Coonhound. 

I am not sure if my husband knew what he was getting into when we got married, but my love of Disney started when I seven and my family took a cross-country trip in a VW Bus from Chicago to LA and Disneyland! I got to go again when I graduated from 8thgrade, because my Uncle lived in southern California.  As I did not have a lot of money back then the only thing I could really afford where a couple of small plates with Mickey Mouse on them.  Then my Grandmother moved to Florida, not too far from Walt Disney World, and we were able to spend summers with her and we would go to Disney and I added to my plate collection.  When we got married our first real vacation together and my husband’s first ever plane ride and vacation not near his home, was to Walt Disney World, and so I now have him “hooked” on Disney too.  We have more than those small plates, but it is also a mutual enjoyment of all things Disney.  We have attended quite a few special events at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and enjoy taking the tours that are offered at all the parks.  I have helped quite a few people plan there Disney vacations and I am a member of a local moms group and have help quite a few of them too. 
My husband is a paramedic for the City of Chicago and the people he works with know we go to Disney a few times a year, so he always says call my wife she will be happy to help you.  I really enjoy helping people make their trips enjoyable and recently planned a family vacation including my youngest sister, her three youngest children, and my parents (my father has Parkinson’s, which had to be added into the planning) and our youngest son and his wife.  It was quite interesting to move a group that large around, oh yes I forgot our friends met us there with their 5 year old and mom. 

One other thing I love to do is read about Walt Disney and the Company, there are many books about him and Disney and the background information just adds to the interest in all things Disney.

We have two sons, our oldest Paul is 32 and in the Coast Guard and has been married to Renee for almost 10 years.  Our youngest Brian is 29 and in the Air Force and just recently got married to Maggie.  Both our sons and daughter in laws visit Disney with us from time to time, when they can, we would love for all of us to be together one time soon! We have stayed at Shades of Green with each of them more than once, it is a wonderful hotel donated to the military by Disney (which I will share how it works with everyone as the military gets special pricing and tickets).
My husband and I have been able to visit Disneyland Paris due to my last job as Office Administrator/Marketing for a New York law firm who was trying to open an office here in Chicago.  Our Disney Bucket List to visit all the parks across the world.  I cannot wait to share on this blog my passion for Disney!



  1. Judy I can’t wait to learn more about Shades of Green! What a wonderful way to give back to the men and women who ensure our freedom each and every day. I loved the road trip story! Now that is what the Disney Drive is all about!

    • Gayle, there is way more to the road trip story, we camped in that VW Bus, I will have to tell you sometime. You are right about the Disney Drive we took quite a few of them with our boys!

  2. This is so cool, Judy! Thanks for sharing your passion. Gonna go read your first post now.

    Hey, let’s try to meet up at Disney

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  4. Hi Judy! Love the blog – I am a fledgling blogger. I am single, no kids except my furry one who eats out of a bowl on the floor, and working full time. Good to know I am not alone! My anthem is Disney is not just for kids!

  5. Hi Judy, nice to meet you. I came to visit the “Disney Gals” blog through Suz at maplemousemama. You and your husband are great ambassadors for everything “Disney”. Will visit again soon.

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