Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Disney Gal Kelly

Hey all!

My name is Kelly and I am from the South side of Chicago, along with my husband, three children, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a lazy beagle. It's a loud and crazy house to say the least! I was lucky enough to leave my "real" job as a Financial Analyst to raise our children. Now I have been able to start my own cake business, coach my daughter's softball team, be VP of our middle school PTSA, and talk everyone's ear off about all things Disney.

My obsession with Disney started when I was a preteen and my family drove cross country to Disneyland. I vividly remember standing in a crowd, staring up at the fireworks, when a young boy standing next to me reached over and held my hand. It was pure magic. Even though I have grown up since then, I still find that magic in every visit.

My poor husband had no clue what he married into. Our first disagreement as a couple, honey moon in Walt Disney World or Las Vegas. We compromised and went to see Mickey (OK, we added 2 days in Vegas). Once children came along I thought where to vacation wasn't even a question. He said Sarasota to visit his grandmother, I said, not without stopping at Disney. For 4 years this was a fight he never won. My parents also have a passion for Disney, and they decided to take our family on our first cruise, then another and another. Now we are park and cruise addicts.

In between traveling with the 11 in our extended family , I've been known to sneak away for Super Soap Weekends (remember those?), various park tours and special holiday celebrations with just my mom or sister-in-law.

I am absolutely new to the world of blogging, but can't wait to share my experiences, and hopefully many laughs along the way. If you've learned something new, or I bring a smile to your face, then mission accomplished!


  1. Kelly, finally a kindred spirit for our Soaps! I am still in mourning that Soapnet is no more. I remember when they brought Super Soap to DCA. Someone pulled the fire alarm in the wee hours of the morning and there were all the Soap stars outside around the pool area in their bathrobes laughing, joking and being just as gracious as they could be, even though it was 5:00 in the morning!

  2. He held your hand too???!!! lol ;)