Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Disney’s The Odd life of Timothy Green opens in theatres August 15 but I was able to see it as a screening.  The movie is about a couple who desperately try to have a baby.  They write notes about what their perfect child would be like and Timothy appears in their garden that night.

We meet the characters in a small close-knit town named Stanleyville. You really get a sense of a simple lifestyle almost like New England in autumn. We even see a sign for Main Street.

Jim Green, the husband, works in the struggling pencil factory. I loved seeing the factory and it is almost like they are giving the viewer a tour of how pencils are made. His wife Cindy works in the pencil museum with a rude overbearing boss.

As a mother who tried very hard to have children, I could instantly feel their pain. When the doctor tells them there is nothing else that can be done Cindy, portrayed by Jennifer Garner, wants to move on but Jim, Actor Joel Edgerton, wants to have one last night of hope. It is very touching how together they dream and they laugh and they connect and they cry as they jot down all of the character traits they envision for their child and they collect the notes in a box and bury it in their garden.

As they sleep that night, there is a massive thunderstorm. They are woken to find a mud- covered boy named Timothy (CJ Adams).  They had only picked out one boy name and it was Timothy. He is pure joy. He shows everyone strength in innocence and purity. As the time with him continues they realize he is exactly what they created in their minds. The child they dreamed of was now a reality.

The film takes us along as we explore important life lessons, friendship and unconditional love. I fell in love with his spirit and his ability to see things for what they are and hold tightly to things that matter: Respect, laughter and mostly love.

Timothy is taught to hide the leaves that grow on his legs much like one would hide any number is issues. The new parents do not want him teased because he is “Different.” They could cover the leaves with long socks but they could not stop him from basking in the sunlight. Almost like he is praying and comforted by the warmth and glow.

Timothy finds friendship in a girl named Joni and the two become close. With their friendship we find trust and a deep companionship. Where unspoken words can convey so much.  In this film we see the dynamics of siblings and parent /child relationships. Even when the child is grown, we see how the role of a parent molds the choice of how the next generation will parent. How it manifests itself is as distinctive as each parent, as unique as each child....

The Green’s do their best to follow their hearts, to watch Timothy with a compassionate eye, and to find their own place on the balance beam of parenthood.
I won't reveal too much but I think the acting is wonderful.

Grab some tissues and head to the theatre to see Disney’s The Odd life of Timothy Green. It tugs at your heart and reminds you to never give up hope. After you see it, tell me your favorite part. 


  1. Love this post Lori! Lucky you to get to see the preview!

  2. Oh boy, I tissue movie. I cry at the darn cartoons!! Sounds wonderful though. Thanks for the review!

  3. I'm with Tricia. It sounds so good, but I cry at the non-tissue movies!!! I guess I'll have to bring a box instead of the usual little purse pack. :-)

  4. Great review! Can't take my boys to see it with me.