Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest Author Sunday - Gilda Aliberti "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - It Is Not Just For Girls"

The Disney Gals would like to welcome Gilda Aliberti to
our Guest Author Ohana!

Everyone thinks of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as a place for your little girl to become a Princess (you can check out yesterday's post for more info on that).  However it is so much more than that and also a ton of fun for little boys to become a Knight in Shining Armor.  
In fact this is what we have done with my son for the last two years at age 6 and 7.  This year we were in Disney World on his birthday and I asked him what he wanted to do that day.  He promptly responded that he wanted to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Castle for dinner.
I scheduled our appointment at 8:05 am at the Castle in Magic Kingdom which opened at 9 am. Note that you can also have it done at Downtown Disney. This allowed us to get in early and enjoy Main Street being empty.  I love this time of day when you can take wonderful pictures in front of the Castle on Main Street with no one around. The other thing it allowed us to do is to get in line for Tinker Bell right after. Utilize this early admission to get in line for a character or ride first.
Here he is getting his hair done.  My son does love getting attention and this is one of the best ways to get attention when walking around the parks.  On top of the fact it was his birthday and he was a Knight he got lots of attention from Cast Members who were saying Happy Birthday Sir Evan.  They even gave him a special button that said Happy Birthday Sir Evan at Bippidi Bobbidi Boutique.
My son is not really in to Pirates and when my daughter wanted to become a Princess last year I decided to check in to packages for boys.  Low and behold there was a Knight Package.  Now the best part is that it is only $15.95!!!!  Yes you read that right, $15.95 and includes hair styling as well as a mighty sword and shield.  The Shield alone has a price tag on it that says $11.95!
Well worth the money and the experience.  Here he is seeing his Mickey on the back of his head.  He loved this.  I feel like he got a lot of attention there, even by the PhotoPass photographer.  They probably always see girls and it is rare to have boys there.
Love his face during the reveal of his new hair style.
Here is the finished product from 2011.  He still loves to play with this sword and shield with his sister.  She pretends to be the Princess and he is the Prince.  Love it!
Check out all that glitter!  He loved it.  Plus spikey hair that he doesn't usually have.
 Of course you need to do a picture in front of the Castle after getting done up.
And all the Princesses will give you a lot of attention.  That is an added perk.  He made sure to bring his sword and shield when he went to visit them. 
And you must ride a horse if you are a Knight.
 The same day we went to celebrate Evan's actual birthday at the Castle!  Tip:  If you are celebrating a birthday make sure you put it on all your reservations for the week.  Each dining location does something a little different.  Some bring a cupcake, some bring a card for the birthday child signed by all the characters.
What a wonderful day for him and so memorable for all of us.  Plus some beautiful pictures to remember it by. 
Gilda blogs at Evan and Lauren's Cool Blog:
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  1. Great article Gilda and a perfect pairing with my BBB article from yesterday! I don't have a knight of my own but I'm so glad to know exactly what this involves now...and what a great value!! Very informative and adorable pics! Thanks for joining in with the Disney Gals today. :)

  2. Gilda this is great too bad the did not have this when our sons where little as I am sure we would have been there for them to! Wonderful information for everyone out there. Thanks for sharing with the Disney Gals.

  3. I love seeing the pictures of your prince and princess. It is nice that boys are not left out

  4. Adorable! My kids are older now but I'll share this with my sisters for nieces and nephews - we are a big Disney family.

  5. How fabulous! Glad you were able to share this post today!!