Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Navigating Your Disney Cruise - Looking Over Overlooked Activities

In my last article we covered the Personal Navigator, or Bible, and how you can use it to plan the activities you would like to do. Today I would like to tell you about a few programs for families and adults that often get overlooked, but in my book they are a "must-do" every cruise.

The Mickey 200 - Veggie Car Races

Seeing the word "veggie" in the title may scare the kids, but don't worry, there's no eating involved, just building and racing. In this tournament, kids need to team up with an adult and create a race car. After all teams have checked in, they will be given a cutting board, knife, one potato, one carrot, toothpicks and 4 wheels. Racers have 10 minutes to design and build a car out of any and all supplies given. The only stipulation is the car can not be wider than your room key, so it fits on the track, and can not be so long that it will not fit behind the starting line.

Once building time is up, the cruise staff will call up the first three teams to race. Cheering and laughter fill the room as the veggie cars fly down the track, or when wheels fall off and cars get stuck. All part of the fun. The winning cars go on to the next round and the races continue until there is only one winner.

While the first place team will get a medal, there are also winner pins for best Disney design and best name. And ladies, don't be afraid to join in . My all girl team beat my dad, the ex-race car driver, and his all boy team!

Animal Towel & Napkin Folding

Anyone that has stayed at a Disney Resort or sailed on a Disney Cruise, knows how exciting it is to walk into their room and see a freshly made bed with a towel animal guarding the pillow chocolates. From elephants to swans, swinging monkeys to turkeys, these origami masterpieces delight young and old alike. Almost makes you want to wipe your hands on your shirt instead of ruining the creation. Same goes for the napkins. In all the cruise ship dining rooms and some resort restaurants, you will find beautifully folded napkins that you will hate to place on your lap. But what if you could have a little bit of this magic come home with you? Well now you can!

In 45 minutes you and your family will be walked through a few of the easier towel animals, like the swan and dog. You will be amazed a how swiftly your housekeeping staff guides will fold their ordinary towels into an animal, while you are still working on folding your towel in half. Did I mention this is all hands on? No worries, once theirs is done as an example, they will be around the room to help you complete yours. You will also get a sheet of instructions to follow for when you get home. Napkin folding is run the same way. The staff experts will show you the secrets of Mulan's fan, The Beast's rose and Peter Pan's boot, just to name a few. Again a sheet of instructions is supplied for you to reference at home. Imagine how impressed your friends will be at your next party!

Cruise Staff Farewell

It's your last night on board, your luggage has been packed and placed in the hallway, and you are dreading the next morning's debarkation, what's a person to do? Let the kids go to their respective clubs and let the adults head down to the nightclub area for this hilarious show. The cruise staff, that has joked around with your children and treated all guests with the utmost respect and attention, now gets to let their hair down and cut loose. Without giving away too much, I will tell you I laughed so hard I was crying. Nothing I would have expected from Disney, to say the least, but I see this show every time I cruise. Even though the material is the same, the staff makes it uniquely their own. If you can make it to this performance, it is guaranteed to make your last night memorable!

Now that you've read my thoughts, does your family have a favorite "overlooked" activity? Share here and maybe I can try it out next time.


  1. great post! I can not wait to try everything when we go on our group cruise.

  2. Kelly, great info, we have only been on two Disney Cruises and I did not know about some of this! We will have to book another one soon!! I am up for a group cruise.

  3. Although we are very avid cruisers, we have only been on one Disney Cruise and I wasn't aware of the veggie car races! I have seen the towel and napkin folding class but haven't given it a try yet. That will change come our next cruise so thanks for the tips! The Cruise Staff Farewell is hilarious. I agree that it's a must see.

    1. The first time I saw the farewell I wondered, does Disney know they're doing this? Lol

  4. If you can find the time, the "guided ships tour" is very interesting & informative. Did you know that the carpeting "stars" point to the front of the ship? It definately makes it easier to find your cabin.

    Grandpa & Grandma