Congratulations to Round 2 Moms Panel Applicants

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Yesterday was a very exciting day for the Disney Gals.  We were notified who was selected to move on to Round 2 for the 2013 Mickey Moms Panel.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the Mickey Moms Panel, here is a little tidbit from their website: ” The Walt Disney World® Moms Panel is a forum where online ‘Moms’ answer your questions and offer advice about family vacations to Walt Disney World® Resort… These ‘Moms’ have been selected to be panelists because they have demonstrated an excellent knowledge of Walt Disney World® Resort. Being familiar with the Parks, Resort hotels, dining and entertainment, shopping, and recreational activities, they can offer the help and tips you need to make your vacation planning a snap.”

Having been a finalist for the 2012 Moms Panel, I can tell you that Disney truly makes the applicants demonstrate not only your knowledge of Disney, but also your passion for the parks or other Disney travel as well as your willingness and expertise in planning travel for others.  The application and subsequent rounds ask questions such as “What are the first names of the Sherman brothers?” and “Where do you find your information in planning Disney vacations?”

Today, we want to congratulate all of those who made it to Round 2.  While there are too many to name (but a much smaller number than the original 14,000 or so applications), we would like to especially note a few of those Gals who have been instrumental in this blog.  Congratulations to Beth, Gayle and Jane!!!  We send pixie dusted thoughts to all Round 2ers and can’t wait to see you in those “oh so special” pink shirts!


  1. Thank you Kim for the wonderful words of encouragement! As you know, the entire experience is so surreal that is still hard to process it all, much less put it into words. I am excited to let everyone know that I talked to Lori a little while ago, who as we all know has been giving of herself at GKTW for the last 3 weeks and she too has been sprinkled with pixie dust!

  2. This is so awesome!! GO DISNEY GALS!!

  3. This is great! Disney Gals Rock! I think we have one more to add too???

  4. I am excited to let everyone know that I talked to Lori a little while ago and thankes

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