Dealing with Disney Depression

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It happens to all of us.  You’ve returned from your magical vacation to the Disney Parks.  You’ve rested from your fun-filled days, organized the photos, and returned to work when it hits you.  You no longer have a Disney Vacation Countdown!!  You don’t even know when you’re returning!  That’s when Disney Depression sets in… but no worries, friend.  Here are a few tips to get you through until your next countdown begins.

Subscribe to some online blogs and newsletters.  To me, first and foremost, is the Disney Parks Blog.  It’s like a daily dose of Disney.  Even better, you’ll be one of the first to know about new and exciting events and attractions.  Some others I subscribe to are, which adorns my Inbox every Tuesday and, which informs readers about savings each month on the 15th.  Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you should also subscribe to and the Disney Gals Facebook page if you don’t already.

Join a support group.  Seriously?  There are support groups for this?  Well, not exactly, but I do belong to several Facebook groups that get me through between trips.  Plus, I’ve found that my friends in those groups are great with tips and answering questions as well as commiserating that we’re not currently at a Disney park.

Read a guide book.  Now, I know a lot about the Disney parks, but I still read these each and every year they come out.  Why?  Well, I often find that I learn something new, but more importantly, it’s a little connection back to the parks.  I find that the words and photos transport me back to Pirates of the Caribbean or World Showcase or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  It’s a happy, little respite at home.
Start saving.  What better way to feel like you’re being proactive than saving for your next Disney trip?  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Throw your spare change in a jar.  Looking for something bigger?  I have opened a savings account just for Disney and put a little money from each paycheck in it.  In addition, I purchase Disney Gift Cards from a local grocery store, which gives me credit toward discounted gas, and hold on to them until the next trip.  Since they can be used for resort stays, tickets, meals, and souvenirs, and can’t be raided like cash, they really help.

So, now you know how I survive between trips, but what about you?  I’m sure our readers have ways they keep Disney alive when there is no countdown.  Please share your tips in the comments!!!
– Disney Gal Kim


  1. Disney Depression is SO real! Mine tends to set in a bit before I actually leave my current trip–the mixed feelings of having had such a great time and the realization that the trip is over, and inevitably, has gone by much too quickly. I was actually teary on the bus from the port to the airport after my 1st Disney cruise! I’m so grateful that someone has acknowledged this very real problem!! 😉 Your ideas for passing the time until the next trip are great. I also am fortunate to have a mall fairly nearby that has a Disney store, a Rainforest Cafe, and a Lego store so my kids and I like to head there for a “Disney Day” every once in a while. Currenly on a double countdown though–31 days until WDW and the Wine and Dine Half and 38 days until we set sail on the Fantasy!

  2. OMG Karen, I do the same thing! I could be having the best dinner ever in Animator’s Palate and then I think, this is the last dinner I’ll be eating in here. We like to flip back through all the scrapbooks and reread the Personal Navigators to see what we missed and want to be sure to do next time. Youtube and the Port Canaveral webcam helps too!

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