Trip Talk – Contest

It is contest time again!
Where In Disney Are We?

Do you need a hint??

It’s in the Magic Kingdom!

Do you have a guess?  

Do you think you know where this is?  

Take a guess and email us:

Here is the prize package, which includes a Cars Carry-on Bag, Minnie Mouse Water Bottle,  Disney’s A Princess Wish Body Wash and a Minnie Mouse Day Planner with pen and Post-It Notes :

We will put all the winning names in a Mickey Mouse Hat and pull a winner on Wednesday, we will post the winner as soon as we know!!!! Good Luck everyone.


  1. Dying to see if anyone guesses this correctly!! It’s such a cool pic :)

  2. Me, too, Tricia! It’s a tough one. I didn’t know it, but I do love the photo!

  3. C’mon guys! I have faith that someone knows!

  4. Rebecca Green Bew says:

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  5. Rebecca "game ruiner" Green Bew says:

    Oops! Guess I jumped the gun and wasn’t supposed to type that here… Can someone delete it?

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