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Can you survive a Walt Disney World visit with your husband for a
specific reason in less than 40 hours? Yes you can, but can I tell
you how tired I am? Right now I am at work, wishing I was at home
sleeping and as I am typing this I am not even sure it is going to
make any sense.

My husband picked me up from work this past Friday at 4:00 pm and we
were on our way for a much anticipated trip to Walt Disney World. Now
it was not our normal trip, this trip was just to go and meet the
twelve Gals I have come to know through creating this blog. As we
were waiting at the airport I was getting text messaged asking if we
were on our way, where were we? It is nice to know that I was missed!
We were the last of the group to arrive in Orlando as everyone else
had pretty much been there already since Thursday or Friday
morning/afternoon. By the time we picked-up our rental car and got to
our hotel, the Yacht Club and got checked in it was already Saturday,
we set-up a wake-up call and tried to get some sleep. You know that
Disney commercial “I too excited to sleep!” that is how I was, even my
husband said, GO TO SLEEP!

We had breakfast at the Captain’s Grille and off we went to the Magic

Kingdom to spend a couple of hours before we had the Disney Moms Panel
Fan Luncheon, which was held at the Contemporary Resort’s California
Grill. This is where I first met most of the Gals, the first being Gayle who came down to the lobby to greet me, by great I mean, she gave me the biggest hugs ever, in fact I will never forget them! When we reached the second floor of the Contemporary, there were already many people in line checking in for this very exciting lunch. While
we waited for all the guests to be checked in little by little we got to meet the other Gals, Lori, Kelly, Heather, Tricia, Janice, Jane,

Some the Disney Gals and friends

Laura, Kim, and our honorary member Stephanie. The luncheon was wonderful, everyone got to have their photo taken with Chip and Dale and we all got to mingle with other people who love Disney as much as we do! Lunch was delicious and dessert was to die for! They had these huge pink cupcakes, okay I have admit that I passed on the cupcake because they had my favorite crème brulèe, which as usual was delicious, one of the Moms said to me it dessert doesn’t count in Disney as they have no calories, do you know the Contemporary Chef that was standing there confirmed that fact, who knew!

After lunch you were able to take photos with the current Mom’s Panel or your own in front of that famous pink wall. They also gave every registered guest two goodie bags filled with all types of fun stuff, including a Disney Moms t-shirt. After that most of the Disney Gals rushed off to the Disney Diva’s event at the Beach Club resort.  This was a great event and I want to thank Faith for organizing it!

 We then went over to walk around Epcot and try out the Food and Wine Festival with Gayle, Zack and Bob and we also had dinner with them at Tutto Italia which was wonderful, the food was so good, but that is a future blog post.  We then went over to Hollywood Studios for the Villians Party, which ended at 4:00 am, but I ended around midnight.  The attractions were not crowded, but some of them were hard to get to due to the Tower of Terror 10 Miler going on in the park at the same time. 

At this point we all hugged and kissed very one good-bye and wished that we could all see each other soon!


  1. it was great fun meeting everyone! I can not wait until the next trip!

  2. I am so blessed to be part of this group! It was great to see everyone in person. I can’t wait to do it all again (even though I’m still tired, too)!

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