Hakuna Matata Monday–Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday to my 1stBorn
Happy Birthday Heather

     36 years ago today all my dreams came true when I became a mommy for the first time.  Heather is our Princess, the first, best and only girl of the Turner clan and the glue that holds us all together. She has taught us all how to believe and follow your dreams and that to fight for what you believe in. I cannot imagine my life without her, as she is not just my daughter; she is my hero and my best friend. And so, happy birthday to my wonderful, incredible daughter.  
I know I say it a lot but I can’t help myself-I love you and there is nothing in the world I would not do for you. I am so proud of the young woman you have become.

          I wish I could give to you the sun, the moon and the stars as you deserve all of it and so much more but for now if you would be happy with eating Mickey Mouse pancakes with me the first weekend of December, I would love to be able to give you that instead and throw in a little Alice in Wonderland and Cars Land on the side! You are the light in my life, joy in my soul, I only hope that I have brought half the joy to you that you have brought to me. Always remember to dream big and know that nothing is ever out of reach. Believe in the possibilities….live your dreams.  I love you!

And a few more little unexpected surprises….someone else wanted to send you a special message,,,,

Sis I’ve known you for 17 years and I wanted to wish the best sister in the world a very happy birthday! And you should remember the joy you had the very first time you took me on Pirates of the Caribbean. Because I’m sure you could never forget that fun experience. Or the time we waited for Winnie the Pooh for 2 hours and right as we were next he needed to go on a honey break…but you scared him into staying for me. How about all the times I called you while you were living in “Herami” because it was on speed dial and I didn’t understand that Herami (Miami) was on the other side of the country-until mom got the $600 phone bill.
What about more recently on our trip to Disneyland and staying in Grand California and we shared a bed instead of sleeping in a “luxurious” sleeping bag. Then we hunted around the park for Mickey pancakes, which was the only reason you wanted to come with us.
Even though you are shorter than me I will always look up to you,my big sister who I love, Happy Birthday!

Love, Zack

Happy Birthday Heather-I am going to jump on the Heather Disneyland Memories Train with a few of my own favorites:

The first is when she and I decided to go down for the day to visit Disneyland with Kevin and Rachel. After getting only a couple of hours of sleep the night before we decided to power through the park tired. This wasn’t too bad until the afternoon rolled around and fatigue was starting to set in, and leaving the park was not an option because we had no vehicle and nowhere to go. So we did what anybody would do first we went on Pirates, because what better way to get a 15 minutes break out of the sun with no walking. Then we found a nice shady spot over near the old Country Bear Jamboree and took a nap. This refreshed us enough to stay the rest of the day and close down the park with Kevin and Rachel once they were out of school.

Next is the adventure of Herman’s Hermits. We were in LA because Grandpa was getting an award, and we decided the day after to check out California Adventure with our aunt. We got to the park a few hours before she did so naturally, we opted for a hopper pass to hit some rides at Disneyland and so Heather could get her Mickey Pancakes. We then went to California Adventure for the first time, after a day of not being very impressed with the park and wondering around with our aunt, we found out Herman’s Hermits was playing on the stage near the lake at the center of the park. Heather and I still can’t tell you who this band is but it was like watching a 60’s flashback seeing the excitement of our Aunt over this band. Kind of like Marsha Brady and Davey Jones. So after waiting for a few hours for the band to start we watched the concert and to this day whenever we think of California Adventure or our Aunt we can’t help but be reminded of Herman’s Hermits and that day. 

Happy Birthday Sissy! Love Jason
And Heather, Kevin will be calling you with his birthday wishes as this is a family friendly blog!
In other words we all love you. May all your birthday dreams come true!


  1. Aweeee…Gayle, you’re a gem and this was so touching to read…what a lovely family you have. Bless you all ♥

  2. Thanks Jackie but I am the lucky one!

  3. Darn it Gayle! How many mornings do you have to start me out in tears? :)So sweet from everyone. Happy birthday Heather! You are one blessed young lady.

  4. What wonderful wishes. Happy Birthday Heather~! Hope you have a great day and know what a wonderful family (and mother) you have. (and know I have to go find a tissue).

  5. Well now that I am in tears as if you did not put me in tears with your own words Mommy Jason and Zack sent me over the edge 🙂 I am so proud that 36 years ago I made your dreams come true of being a mommy I am so proud to be your daughter and even more happy that I am the only girl LOL
    Thank you for writing a blog today it means so much to me you have no idea. I love you to the moon and back muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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